Snow days melt away as schools warm up to e-learning

As cancelled school days snowball during this year's polar vortex, schools are warming up to e-learning as a way to keep the fires of education burning at home.

Teacher talk: Enhancing language arts instruction with technology

K-12 education expert Christi Wilson discusses several ways teachers can incorporate technology into their language arts curriculum.

Teacher talk: Blended learning

Ready to flip your classroom? Educator Christi Wilson takes a look at the many advantages of blended learning at the K-12 level.

Competency-Based Degree Programs Catch On

Reward students for what they know, not how long they sit in a classroom: That's the idea behind competency-based degree programs. See how colleges across the country are changing their approach to education.

Teacher talk: Using YouTube in the classroom

In this installment of Teacher Talk, K-12 education expert Christi Wilson discusses how teachers and parents can use YouTube for educational purposes.

Teacher talk: How Dropbox changed teaching (for me)

Our resident K-12 educator Christi Wilson explains how Dropbox, a cloud-based file storage service, changed her approach to lesson planning.

Exploring the educational benefits of Minecraft

Minecraft is a fun way for children to learn both classroom and life lessons. And now, educators around the globe are modifying the game to further its academic potential.

Tutoring 2.0: New Online Tutoring Tech and Trends

The world of online tutoring is advancing at a rapid pace. Here are some new tools and techs you might have to see to believe.

Teacher talk: Using Skype in the classroom

Thanks to Skype, people around the world can communicate face-to-face over the web. Education expert Christi Wilson explores the many benefits this technology can offer K-12 students.

Trends in Online Music and Art Instruction

Music and art can be difficult to teach online, but new applications and approaches are changing that. Here are a few success stories from online colleges and universities.

The pros and cons of PowerSchool

With PowerSchool, parents can check their children's grades and attendance with the click of a mouse. But is this unfettered access really necessary?

Teacher talk: Interactive whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards have revolutionized the K-12 classroom. In this week's Teacher Talk, educator Christi Wilson discusses the many advantages to this new technology.

Career Spotlight: Cloud Computing Jobs

Around the world, demand for qualified cloud computing professionals outpaces supply. Learn more about growing fields like cloud architect and cloud product manager.

Teacher talk: Social networking for K-12 students

K-12 education expert Christi Wilson shares her experience with Edmodo, a social networking site for students and teachers.

Microsoft brings innovation to the classroom

Microsoft has long been on the cutting edge of innovation. Now, with programs and products like Bing for Schools and Microsoft Office 360 for Education, the tech giant is aiming to transform the educational landscape.

Are E-Textbooks Ready for Prime Time?

Students increasingly want course content on their digital devices -- and content providers, publishers and universities are finally responding.

Teacher talk: Yes, students should have computers in the classroom

Do students really benefit from technology in the classroom? Education expert Christi Wilson shares her thoughts.

Augmented reality and its amazing new perspective on education

Augmented reality, or the layering of information over a real-world environment, is an emerging technology finding a home in education, especially through the use of devices like Google Glass.

Teacher talk: How I've seen the Internet change K-12 instruction

In a new series, K-12 educator Christi Wilson discusses her personal experiences with edu-tech and online learning.

10 Blogs by Middle School Teachers

Middle school teachers have no shortage of stories to tell, so it's no wonder that there are so many popular middle school blogs on the Web. Here's a list of 10 middle school blogs that may be worth a look.

Finding solutions for "the other ed-tech"

Since 2004, IData Incorporated has provided technology consulting services to higher education institutions. Their goal: To increase efficiency through better data management and system integration.

Digital Badges Make Their Mark on K-12 Education

Digital badges give students young and old concrete evidence of their knowledge, skills and accomplishments. Learn more about this emerging trend in education.

Digging deep: A look at data mining on campus

With billions of people online, data mining is the hottest new thing for market research. Algorithms that sift through the near-limitless data help us find movies we might like, improve search results and more -- a lot more. Find out what data miners are unearthing on college campuses and how big data is changing the landscape of higher education.

Mobile Learning Takes Hold

As online education made its way to the forefront, mobile apps began taking distance learning to the next level. Learn what mobile apps are currently helping to transform online education in new and exciting ways.

Career spotlight: High-tech instructional coordinators

In the edu-tech world, coordination is king, and nobody knows that better than instructional coordinators specializing in high-tech learning. Find out what's driving the demand, where the jobs are, and what it means for students and teachers.

Special Ed Tech: How Digital Learning Tools Are Helping Reach Students With Special Needs

Educators serving special needs students have traditionally relied on specialized assistive technologies, but mainstream edu-tech tools are increasingly making their way into special ed classrooms.

Designing an education in the 21st century

Teachers are doing amazing things with technology in their classrooms everyday -- but the future of edu-tech is still anyone's guess. Learn about recent trends in digital learning, and the challenges facing tech-savvy educators.

Moodle lovers rejoice: New native app boosts mobile accessibility

Get to know Moodle, an increasingly popular learning management system, and the new native app that makes it even more accessible for online learners on the go.

Google Makes a Play for the Classroom

Google is shedding its "just a search engine" reputation by branching out into other product categories and is now positioned to give Apple a real run for its money on its home turf − in the classroom

Earn a degree for free? MOOCs for credit set to transform college online

One crazy development in educational technology might make it possible to earn a bachelor's degree for free. Find out about the steps being taken toward free and low-cost online schooling from elite universities.

Open resources broaden learning possibilities

Free licenses could mean cheaper textbooks and a wider selection of learning materials for students and teachers alike. Learn how open educational resources, or OER, are changing the way we access information.

Coming soon to a school near you? California rolls out free digital textbook library

California educators have made some of the most popular college textbooks available for free online. What does this stunning tech advancement mean for students and schools in the next five years?

Edu-tech spotlight: DreamBox Learning

One company is helping elementary students learn math a different way: Through games. We caught up with a member of DreamBox Learning's curriculum design team to learn more about the company and the growing educational technology space.

Gamification: Play-based learning for college students

Find out why the New Media Consortium recently named gamification - or game-based learning - one of the most promising trends in higher education technology today.

MyEdu: The ultimate student resource?

While other websites in the edu-tech world find success in niches, MyEdu has found success providing a one-stop educational resource for students.

Getting on board with educational technology

Classrooms are moving into the digital age, and not just with online learning. Learn how brick and mortar classes are benefiting from high-tech tools.

Q&A: Do I Have to be Technologically Savvy to Take Online Classes?

Question: I'm thinking of taking classes online, but I'm not very technologically savvy. Do you think this is a bad idea?

How games and education technology go hand in hand

Games aren't just for fun anymore, they're transforming the way students learn. Find out how educational technology is changing the process.

Students getting "smart" through use of interactive whiteboards

The use of interactive whiteboards continues to change the way lesson plans are delivered from kindergarten to college. A survey of K-12 teachers finds that 60 percent use interative whiteboards in their classrooms.

Q&A: How Do I Resolve Technical Issues with Online Courseware?

Question: What if I'm having technical issues in my online classroom?

Changing the face of education: 5 trends in technology

Educational technology is changing the face of education from kindergarten through college. Find out what's on the horizon for 2013 and beyond.

Open-source digital textbooks

As the cost of textbooks soars to over $1,100 per year for the average college student, edu-tech advocates are heralding a new era of digital textbooks. But of all digital educational technology, open-source textbooks offer the real cost savings potential to students -- and schools.

10 notable note-taking apps

Inventive note-taking apps aim to help students keep track of the mountains of information piling up. These 10 note-taking apps could help you make sense out of your schoolwork and keep you organized.

Engaged students, motivational gaming and the epic future of education

Video games used to be considered bad for a child's educational development, but what if they actually are the opposite? New research shows that educational video games can provide a better learning experience for some students.

EdTech innovations that turn learning upside down

Do your students or your kids hate fractions? Games and other types of education technology can influence both math skills and attitudes. These 10 innovations show how EdTech tools can help teachers, students, schools and families.

Robot study buddies - Infographic

Who knew robotic technology can help students learn? Check out this infographic to learn more about how robots can help students with their academic studies!

Teaching made easy online with Engrade

We chat with Engrade CEO Zack Posner to find out how his company has made life easier for teachers by integrating everything they need on to one, easy-to-use, online platform.

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