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Q&A: What is the most common reason students might struggle with online schooling?

Question: What is the most common reason students might struggle with online schooling?

Tutoring 2.0: New Online Tutoring Tech and Trends

The world of online tutoring is advancing at a rapid pace. Here are some new tools and techs you might have to see to believe.

Teacher talk: Online math practice

K-12 education expert Christi Wilson explains how IXL, an online math practice site, can benefit both students and teachers.

Q&A: Test Preparation Tips

Question: I don't do well on tests. What's a good way to prepare?

Q&A: What Is the Purpose of an Online Library?

Question: Why do students need an online library?

Open resources broaden learning possibilities

Free licenses could mean cheaper textbooks and a wider selection of learning materials for students and teachers alike. Learn how open educational resources, or OER, are changing the way we access information.

Q&A: How Can I Make the Most of Online Discussion Groups?

Question: My online course's discussion groups often get derailed by unproductive comments. How can I get the threads back on track?

Twitter helps students, educators enhance learning in and out of the classroom

With 140-character bursts of wisdom, educators are tweeting out a message of community and collaboration. Find out how Twitter can assist both teachers and students.

Q&A: Is Online Tutoring Available?

Question: Is tutoring available online? If so, how does it work?

Q&A: Should I Use Online Textbooks?

Question: I'm going to take my first online class soon, and I'm looking forward to it. The school gives me the option of getting my textbooks electronically. Should I do that too?

Q&A: Important to Read Online

Question: What's the most common mistake online students make?

Mixed musical messages - Infographic

Studies have shown that music can help dementia patients become more alert, attentive, cooperative and engaged. Check this infographic out to see if music can really help us learn.

Robot study buddies - Infographic

Who knew robotic technology can help students learn? Check out this infographic to learn more about how robots can help students with their academic studies!

Q&A: Do online programs have tutoring assistance?

Question: Do online programs have tutoring assistance?

Five online learning roadblocks and how to avoid them

Procrastination, isolation: sound familiar? For online students, there are several roadblocks standing in the way of success. Here are just five of them you need to avoid.

5 ways parents can support their online learner

It could be even more important for parents to support online learners than traditional students. Learn five ways you can effectively involve yourself in your child's online learning--from common sense strategies to less obvious strategies like gauging whether to be a supportive or participatory partner in your child's virtual-education.

Exercise the body, strengthen the mind: How physical activity impacts learning

Learn how physical activity triggers responses in the brain that are helpful for learning.

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