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Q&A: My child has been attending online schooling for the past year. How can I make the transition back to public school easy for my child?

Question: My child has been attending online schooling for the past year. How can I make the transition back to public school easy for my child?

Q&A: How Long Do Students Have to Drop a Course After It Begins?

Question: How long do students have to drop a course after it begins?

Q&A: How Can Students Socialize While Attending Online School?

Question: How can my student socialize while attending an online school?

Q&A: What Is Independent Study?

Question: What is independent study and is it available to online students?

Q&A: Is Online School Easier Than Traditional Education?

Question: I've heard that online schooling is easier than traditional classroom learning, is that true?

Q&A: Do Online Teachers Accept Late Assignments?

Question: Do online instructors allow late assignments?

The surprising ways social media can benefit young students

With all of the negative things you hear about kids and the Internet, it's easy to think that the two weren't meant to mix. However, a growing body of research indicates there are benefits for children who use social media in an appropriate way.

Q&A: What Information Should I Include in My Student Bio?

Question: Online classes always ask for student bios. What should I put?

Q&A: How Many Online Classes Should I Take at One Time?

Question: How many online classes should I take at a time?

Q&A: Can I Raise My GPA With Online Courses?

Question: I want to improve my GPA while continuing to attend my local high school. Is it possible to keep going to my school while taking classes online and raise my GPA?

Q&A: Online Learning for ESL Students

Question: I'm starting an online program in about a week, but my English skills are below average. Can I still be successful in an online school setting?

Q&A: Cyberbullying

Question: What do I do if my child is bullied while participating in online school?

Q&A: Can I Take Online Classes to Catch Up on Credits?

Question: I was on schedule to graduate this year but due to illnesses both this year and last, I have become about a year-and-a-half worth of credits behind in school. Will I be able to catch up by enrolling in online courses?

Q&A: Help! I'm Failing an Online Course

Question: What do I do if I'm failing my online class?

Q&A: Can I Use My Online Instructor as a Reference?

Question: Can I use my online instructor as a personal or professional reference?

Q&A: What Is an Academic Advisor?

Question: What is an academic advisor and do all schools have them?

Q&A: How to Give Effective Peer Feedback

Question: What are your recommendations for providing partner feedback?

Q&A: How Can I Express My Appreciation for an Exceptional Online Teacher?

Question: What's the best way to recognize an outstanding instructor?

Q&A: What Is Plagiarism?

Question: What is plagiarism, and what does this have to do with being an online student?

Q&A: Is Online Tutoring Available?

Question: Is tutoring available online? If so, how does it work?

Q&A: Expressing Opinions Without Conflict

Question: How do I respectfully express my opinions without causing conflict?

Q&A: Expectations of Online Students

Question: What are the expectations when participating in an online class?

Should you get a high school diploma or a GED?

Students working to complete their secondary education have two options: a high school diploma or a GED. Which one is better?

Five online learning roadblocks and how to avoid them

Procrastination, isolation: sound familiar? For online students, there are several roadblocks standing in the way of success. Here are just five of them you need to avoid.

Q&A: What should online students do differently

Question: As an online teacher, what do you wish online students did differently?

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