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Snow days melt away as schools warm up to e-learning

As cancelled school days snowball during this year's polar vortex, schools are warming up to e-learning as a way to keep the fires of education burning at home.

Q&A: How Can Students Socialize While Attending Online School?

Question: How can my student socialize while attending an online school?

Q&A: Can Online Students Take Vacations?

Question: Every year my family takes a vacation and we are gone for a week. I'm scheduled to take a course, but I don't know if I'll have Internet access. What should I do?

The surprising ways social media can benefit young students

With all of the negative things you hear about kids and the Internet, it's easy to think that the two weren't meant to mix. However, a growing body of research indicates there are benefits for children who use social media in an appropriate way.

Q&A: What Information Should I Include in My Student Bio?

Question: Online classes always ask for student bios. What should I put?

Exploring the educational benefits of Minecraft

Minecraft is a fun way for children to learn both classroom and life lessons. And now, educators around the globe are modifying the game to further its academic potential.

Q&A: Extracurricular Activities

Question: If I enroll my daughter in a full-time online program, will she be able to have access to any of those extras like music, library, or even PE? Or will that kind of stuff fall on me?

Q&A: Cyberbullying

Question: What do I do if my child is bullied while participating in online school?

Teacher talk: Social networking for K-12 students

K-12 education expert Christi Wilson shares her experience with Edmodo, a social networking site for students and teachers.

Q&A: How Long Is a Typical Online School Day?

Question: Since my son won't be taking time out for recess, lunch and all the other activities associated with a traditional school day, can I expect his day of online learning to be shorter than a full day at a regular institution?

Q&A: Can Online Students Participate in School Sports?

Question: Is it possible for online students to play sports?

Digital Badges Make Their Mark on K-12 Education

Digital badges give students young and old concrete evidence of their knowledge, skills and accomplishments. Learn more about this emerging trend in education.

10 Unique Gifts for High School Grads

Graduation season is here once again. This year, consider honoring your favorite senior's accomplishments with one of these 10 unique gifts for high school graduates.

10 EdTech startups to get excited about

Education technology startups offer interactive communications and math mastery tools for learners, plus number-crunching programs for educators. Check out 10 innovators in the EdTech scene.

The Broadband Bottleneck: Internet Access and Ed-Tech

Sarah Stracco could be the poster child for online schooling, except for one important detail: She lacks broadband access. As educational technology skyrockets, both students and schools find themselves grappling with their bandwidth needs.

10 notable note-taking apps

Inventive note-taking apps aim to help students keep track of the mountains of information piling up. These 10 note-taking apps could help you make sense out of your schoolwork and keep you organized.

10 ultra-cool educational video games

These 10 video games encourage school-age children to build math, science and language skills while helping them socialize with their peers or families.

Top 15 field trip spots in New Orleans

New Orleans visitors and residents alike will appreciate these top 15 field trip spots.  

Field trips in Chicago: 15 educational field trip spots that make Chicago great

Chicago field trips offer hands-on discovery like The Bubble That Ate Chicago, Human Sundials or Paint with Science. Check out the experiential learning and free resources for teachers and parents.

Blog on! 10 high school teacher blogs you should be reading

Whether you're looking for the latest teaching technologies or ways to avoid burnout, these 10 bloggers offer practical advice on surviving and thriving as a 21st century educator.

Mom Tips: Six Sites for Science

When it comes down to dissecting a frog for a science project, many home school moms don't have the resources, nor the desire, to conduct such a slimy class. Have no fear, the internet is here! With thousands of free resources online, here are some of the top notch sites for high school science programs.

How to eat healthy this summer while saving time and money

It's easy to get stuck in the relaxing summer limbo period of not cooking as much and eating out often. However, there is an efficient strategy to avoid spending all of your summer savings on unhealthy food. Here are some tips from guest blogger Laura Fuentes, the chief mom over at and founder of MOMables.

Mom Tips: Summer learning opportunities

Summer is finally here! Among the various fun-in-the-sun activities you have planned with your little one, there are numerous amounts of resources to keep your crew learning throughout the summer. Resident mommy blogger Jennifer Fink tells us her ideas beyond building sand castles, what are yours?

Five online learning roadblocks and how to avoid them

Procrastination, isolation: sound familiar? For online students, there are several roadblocks standing in the way of success. Here are just five of them you need to avoid.

Mom Tips: If you give a boy a browser…

Resident guest blogger Noel-Marie Taylor enlightens us with her optimistic spin on online learning in children's daily web surfing.

10 Los Angeles afterschool programs to entertain your kids

The best afterschool programs in Los Angeles are not just about improving your child's grades. Introduce your kids to arts, sciences, fitness and computers through these top programs that begin when class is dismissed. 

50 Midwest parenting blogs

Take your pick of Midwest parenting blogs and find out what moms (and dads) have to say about raising kids across the Midwest.

50 New York City parenting blogs

A list of blogs about parenting in New York City, with perspectives that can help New York parents cope with, and even enjoy, the challenge.

5 Best Android Apps For Entrepreneurs

Human Resources professional Maddy Sharp drops by to share what she thinks are five of the best Android Apps that every aspiring entrepreneur should know about and use.

Mom tips: Making snow days and sick days your own

In this edition of Mom tips, Kathryn Harvey discusses her alternative to snow days and sick days within her homeschooling agenda.

Mom tips: Have I become THAT teacher?

Noel-Marie Taylor discusses the delicate balance between homeschool teaching and being a loving parent in this edition of Mom tips.

Mom tips: Finding friends (for you and the kids!)

Jennifer Fink is back again and this time she is talking about how to help her homeschooled children find friends, while also finding some friends for herself as well.

Q&A: LBGT Student Services

Q: What sort of LGBT services do online HS students get? It's not that my son needs "special attention" or anything, it would just be nice to know there are programs where he is able to feel comfortable...

Q&A: Social Programs for Students at Online Middle Schools

Q: I’m interested in sending my son (12 y/o) to an online school, but I’m worried about him becoming even more anti-social. What kind of opportunities do these kids have to meet other kids? What are some examples of social activities these students can attend?

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