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Q&A: Standardized Testing

Question: Will my child be required to take standardized tests while he attends online school?

Teacher talk: Online math practice

K-12 education expert Christi Wilson explains how IXL, an online math practice site, can benefit both students and teachers.

Q&A: Test Preparation Tips

Question: I don't do well on tests. What's a good way to prepare?

Open-source digital textbooks

As the cost of textbooks soars to over $1,100 per year for the average college student, edu-tech advocates are heralding a new era of digital textbooks. But of all digital educational technology, open-source textbooks offer the real cost savings potential to students -- and schools.

The Broadband Bottleneck: Internet Access and Ed-Tech

Sarah Stracco could be the poster child for online schooling, except for one important detail: She lacks broadband access. As educational technology skyrockets, both students and schools find themselves grappling with their bandwidth needs.

Adaptive Learning: How it Works

Personalized learning technology, also known as edtech, adapts to individual needs.

10 notable note-taking apps

Inventive note-taking apps aim to help students keep track of the mountains of information piling up. These 10 note-taking apps could help you make sense out of your schoolwork and keep you organized.

10 ultra-cool educational video games

These 10 video games encourage school-age children to build math, science and language skills while helping them socialize with their peers or families.

EdTech innovations that turn learning upside down

Do your students or your kids hate fractions? Games and other types of education technology can influence both math skills and attitudes. These 10 innovations show how EdTech tools can help teachers, students, schools and families.

Homeschool help! 10 great gadgets to inspire creative homeschooling

These unique gadgets make homeschooling a snap, whether you're making lesson plans in your garage or enrolling your kids in online education programs.

Top 10 emerging technologies in education

Check out the top 10 emerging technologies in education. From note-taking apps to social learning advancements, EdTech advances are tomorrow's tools in the classroom. 

Mom tips: educational websites to enhance learning

The Internet is not just used for pleasure, it can also be an excellent educational resource. One of our resident mom bloggers, Jennifer Fink, discusses four of her favorite web-based educational resources and explains why they are so helpful.

[INTERVIEW] School Spotlight: Rocketship Education

We sit down with Rocketship Education to explain how the nonprofit charter school network has been so successful in their initial attempts to bring technology to the classroom and to eliminate the achievement gap, starting in San Jose, Calif.

Do-it-yourself guide to online DAT prep

You want to give it to your all when it comes to achieving a top score on the dental admissions test, or DAT. There are plenty of options for studying, but online DAT preparation is one way to explore that variety of options that could fit your desired needs.

Do-it-yourself guide to online MCAT prep

Here are seven tips to preparing for the MCAT, a notoriously difficult test. Tools for online MCAT prep can help you stay on track with your studying.

Do-it-yourself guide to online NCLEX-RN prep

You want to get out there and put your nursing skills to work, but you have one more step to take before starting in the field: passing the NCLEX-RN. If giving-it-your-all is your approach to studying, consider how online NCLEX-RN prep programs can help.

Do-it-yourself guide to online PANCE prep

Learn how to use online PANCE prep programs to your advantage by doing self-assessments and learning about the content areas where you need to improve before sitting for the PANCE. 

PSAT crash-course: What to expect from the test

With the 2011 PSAT test dates being just over two weeks away, learn why this standardized test is important in the college admission process--and what should be done to prepare for it.

Do-it-yourself guide to online CBEST prep

The CBEST is the main exam for teachers seeking a credential in California or Oregon. Learn how to prepare for CBEST using convenient online CBEST prep resources.

Do-it-yourself guide to online ISEE prep

The Independent School Entrance Exam is a critical factor in private middle and high school admission. Here are seven tips to making sure the ISEE score truly reflects a student's ability.

Do-it-yourself guide for online TOEFL prep

Online TOEFL prep resources help you build your English proficiency and study for TOEFL by yourself. This guide to do-it-yourself TOEFL prep takes you through a comprehensive study regimen step by step.

Do-it-yourself guide for online GRE prep

From mobile apps to online GRE prep, there's a world of test prep resources at your fingertips. Study for the GRE by yourself by following these five simple guidelines.

Do-it-yourself guide for online PSAT prep

Want to study for the PSAT by yourself? Online PSAT prep options include sample questions, study guides, timers and more.

Do-it-yourself guide for online GMAT prep

Preparing for a standardized test can be time consuming and expensive. Doing it yourself can save time and money. Here are some ways to study for the GMAT by yourself.

Do-it-yourself guide for online ACT Prep

Taking the ACT is a major milestone for those who are college-bound. Learning to study for the ACT by yourself can seem like a daunting task, but with so many online ACT prep programs to choose from, you can find a great deal of help.

Do-it-yourself guide for online LSAT prep

Do-it-yourself LSAT prep allows you to customize a study program by tapping into widely available print, software and online LSAT prep resources.

Do-it-yourself guide for online SAT prep

These exam prep tips can help you study for SAT by yourself. Fortunately, the Web has plenty of SAT resources that are designed to boost your knowledge without draining your wallet.

The GRE goes online

Debuting on August 1, 2011, the revised, online GRE General Test will offer new test-taking flexibility for graduate school applicants and new scoring transparency for admissions committees. Find out how to prepare for the new GRE.

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