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Q&A: I’m considering allowing my high school student to attend online school, but I'm concerned if cheating is an issue.

Question: I’m considering allowing my high school student to attend online school, but I'm concerned if cheating is an issue.

Q&A: How will online school work for my child since both his father and I work full time?

Question: How will online school work for my child when both his father and I work full time?

Q&A: How do I know if my son is learning in his third-grade online classroom?

Question: How do I know if my son is learning in his third-grade online classroom?

Q&A: If my child isn't excelling in a brick-and-mortar school, would attending an online school be the right solution?

Question: If my child isn't excelling in a brick-and-mortar school, would attending an online school be the right solution?

Q&A: Are Online Students Required to Participate in Class Discussions?

Question: I am curious about the requirements regarding participation in an online course. Will my child be required to participate in class discussions?

Q&A: How Do Schools Decide the Size of an Online Class?

Question: How do schools decide the size of an online class?

Q&A: Do Online Students Have Homework?

Question: Will my child have homework when he attends school online?

Q&A: How Do Students Communicate With Their Teacher in an Online Course?

Question: When you take an online class, how do you communicate with the teacher?

Q&A: Do Online Teachers Accept Late Assignments?

Question: Do online instructors allow late assignments?

Q&A: Will My Child Be Taught Common Core If He Attends Online School?

Question: Will my child be taught the Common Core if he attends online school?

Q&A: Parent-Teacher Conferences

Question: Will my child's online school conduct a parent-teacher conference similar to a more traditional school setting?

Q&A: Do Online Instructors Have the Same Credentials as Traditional Teachers?

Question: Do the teachers at online schools have the same credentials as teachers at other schools?

Q&A: How Do Online Teachers Monitor Attendance?

Question: How do online teachers monitor attendance?

Q&A: Why Do Online Schools Make Students Take an Introductory Course?

Question: Why do most schools make online students take an introductory course when they start?

Q&A: What Is a Hybrid Course?

Question: What are hybrid courses?

Q&A: How Long Is a Typical Online School Day?

Question: Since my son won't be taking time out for recess, lunch and all the other activities associated with a traditional school day, can I expect his day of online learning to be shorter than a full day at a regular institution?

Q&A: What Is the Difference Between Online and On-Demand Learning?

Question: What is the difference between online and on-demand learning?

Q&A: Do Online Schools Have Principals?

Question: Are there principals for online schools like there are at most traditional schools? If yes, do they make themselves known to students in much the same way principals have a familiar presence at site-based schools?

Q&A: Where Do Online Students Buy Textbooks?

Question: Where do I get my textbooks for my online classes?

Q&A: Can I Switch to an Online School at Any Time?

Question: Can I switch from regular school to online school at any time?

Q&A: What Credentials Do You Need to Teach Online?

Question: What credentials does an online teacher need?

Q&A: Who Designs the Curriculum for Online Courses?

Question: How much course content is developed by online teachers themselves?

Q&A: Holidays, Breaks and Time Off

Question: Will I have any time off while taking online classes?

Q&A: Can Other Online Students See My Personal Information?

Question: How much information is available about students in an online classroom? I don't want other students knowing my personal information.

Q&A: What Is a Cohort?

Question: What is a cohort?

Q&A: How Do Professors Choose Teams for Online Group Assignments?

Question: How do professors pick teams in online classes? I get the feeling I'm being paired with an unmotivated learner to help facilitate scaffolding in her learning process. This makes it really hard on me. Any advice?

Q&A: How Do Online Schools Handle Misconduct?

Question: What type of student accountability happens online? For example, is there a discipline process and how does it work?

Q&A: Do Online Classes Meet at a Set Time?

Question: If I take an online course, do I have to be in the class at a specific time?

Q&A: What Can I Do to Keep Up in My Online Course?

Question: I'm in my third online class and I'm having difficulties keeping up with the assignments and discussion posts. Do you have any suggestions?

Q&A: What Can I Expect From My First Online Class?

Question: I just registered for my first online class. Is there anything I should know or expect?

Q&A: Do I Need to Purchase Textbooks for My Online Class?

Question: Do I have to buy books for online classes?

Q&A: How Is Testing Conducted in Online Classes?

Question: Are there tests or quizzes in online classes?

Q&A: How Many Students Are in a Typical Online Course?

Question: How many students are typically in an online class?

Q&A: How Much Time Does An Online Class Take?

Question: How much time do online classes take?

Q&A: How Online Classes are Similar to Ground Classes

Question: What's the difference between an on-ground (face-to-face) course and an online course?

Q&A: Does Grammar Matter in Online Classes?

Q: I am planning to enroll in a beginning psychology course. Will my instructor mark up my grammatical errors or just focus on the topic content in my assignments?

Q&A: How Online Learning Is Different

Question: I'm new to online education. Does studying online change the educational experience in any way I might not expect?

Q&A: How do you prevent cheating in online classes?

Question: It seems like it would be pretty easy to cheat online. I mean, the teacher has never seen you. How do they know that you're really the one writing the papers or taking the tests?

Q&A: Do online classes require more work?

Question: I've heard there is more work in online classes than in on-ground classes. Is this true?

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