Q&A: How Long Do Students Have to Drop a Course After It Begins?

Question: How long do students have to drop a course after it begins?

Q&A: What Is Early Registration?

Question: What is the difference between registration and early registration?

10 Colleges and Universities Innovating the Application Process

Standardized college applications are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Check out these 10 schools innovating the college application process for a new generation of students.

Competency-Based Degree Programs Catch On

Reward students for what they know, not how long they sit in a classroom: That's the idea behind competency-based degree programs. See how colleges across the country are changing their approach to education.

Q&A: Can Online Students Earn College Scholarships?

Question: Will I still have the opportunity to earn a college scholarship while attending an online high school?

Q&A: How Many Online Classes Should I Take at One Time?

Question: How many online classes should I take at a time?

Q&A: How Dependable Are Teacher Rating Websites?

Question: How dependable are the online rating websites for professors and teachers? I want to make sure I get a good teacher.

Q&A: Why Do Online Schools Make Students Take an Introductory Course?

Question: Why do most schools make online students take an introductory course when they start?

10 Selective Colleges and Universities

It's no secret that some schools are more exclusive than others, but some of the selective colleges in the U.S. might have flown under your radar. Check out our list and find out if your school is one of them.

Q&A: What Is a Hybrid Course?

Question: What are hybrid courses?

Q&A: What Is the Difference Between Online and On-Demand Learning?

Question: What is the difference between online and on-demand learning?

Mobile Apps Revamp the College Admissions Process

Prospective students have long used their smartphones to access college campus activities, athletic events, student bookstores and campus transportation schedules, but a new wave of apps is speeding up the enrollment process.

Q&A: Can I Switch to an Online School at Any Time?

Question: Can I switch from regular school to online school at any time?

Q&A: What Is a Prerequisite?

Question: What is a prerequisite?

Q&A: How Do I Know What Programs and Courses a Particular School Offers?

Question: Understanding programs and classes seems confusing. How do I know what programs and classes are available?

Q&A: What Is an Associate Degree?

Question: What is an associate degree?

Q&A: What Is an Academic Advisor?

Question: What is an academic advisor and do all schools have them?

Q&A: What Is Accreditation?

Question: Should I choose an online school if it's not accredited? What does accreditation mean?

10 Unique Gifts for High School Grads

Graduation season is here once again. This year, consider honoring your favorite senior's accomplishments with one of these 10 unique gifts for high school graduates.

Q&A: Do I Have to be Technologically Savvy to Take Online Classes?

Question: I'm thinking of taking classes online, but I'm not very technologically savvy. Do you think this is a bad idea?

Q&A: What Are Some Reasons for Becoming an Online Student?

Question: What are some good reasons to become an online student?

Q&A: How Do I Choose an Online School?

Question: How do I choose an online school?

Q&A: Who Can Attend Online School?

Question: Who can attend online school? What if I just want to take a few classes or change my mind and want to get a bachelor's degree?

Q&A: How Do You Know if an Online School is Credible?

Q: Some of my friends told me that online courses are not viewed as credible (or the same) as taking land-based courses. Is this true?

Birds of a feather: which students flock to what kinds of schools?

In today's college landscape, the stereotypes and common personalities are different than they were even just 10 years ago -- and they vary by what type of school you choose. How do you tell the difference between a classic nerd and hipster nerd? Is that person interested in me or just adding to Facebook harem? Will I make friends at community college? Let's breakdown some of today's stereotypes with a look at the kinds of campus-based and online schools that pull them in.

Life after the college admissions process

Senioritis is now a thing of the past. In the age of social media, a prospective student must maintain a level of excellence all the way up to the first day of school and beyond. Learn more on how to impress your dream school and stand out from hundreds of other applicants.

Online Colleges Options/Types

As online colleges become more prevalent, it is important for parents and students to be aware of all of the different types that are available. We breakdown the different types and options so you don't have to.

College application tips for home schoolers

Home-schooled students can thrive in a college environment--but first they have to get accepted. Learn six college-application tips for home schoolers.

Are some students better suited for online learning than others?

Thinking about taking the online education plunge? Discover which students may benefit the most from enrolling in an online school.

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