Report Card Methodology | Online Schools

Report Card Methodology recognizes how difficult and time-consuming the process of finding an online school can be, so we decided to make the process much easier by consolidating the most important information in one place.

The "Report Cards" are easy-to-read, easy-to-find documents that use data collected from—and verified by—the school to help interested students and parents make an informed and accurate decision about their education plans.

The Report Cards were created using multiple steps to ensure their accuracy and credibility. First, staffers went to each school’s website and collected as much relevant information as they could. Then, each school was sent a survey with a list of questions designed to gather information not readily available. After combining the two sources of information, we reached back out to each school with a completed Report Card and asked them to verify that all of the information we planned to publish was correct.

We also understand that some of this information will be subject to change. As you can see, each Report Card includes the date the data was last verified. On a periodic basis, we will reach back out to the schools to ensure the information available is still correct.

Although this process took a great amount of time, we felt it was essential in order to build a useful and worthwhile database for students and parents. Now, instead of worrying about whether the information in our Report Cards is credible, you can spend that time analyzing and picking the school that is the right fit for you.

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