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5 great ways to prep for the SAT online

Schools use the College Board's standardized test to gauge your analytical skills and literacy. To put your best foot forward on SAT exam day, it's important to familiarize yourself with the test--and practice, practice, practice. Use these five strategies when you prep for the SAT online:

1. Study online SAT vocabulary lists. Vocabulary is still an important part of SAT prep, even though the SAT no longer includes analogy and antonym questions. The vocabulary-based sentence completion questions in Critical Reading account for about 300 points of your score. One good way to build vocabulary for the Critical Reading section of the SAT is to study and memorize words that have appeared on past tests. You can find free lists of "high-frequency" SAT vocabulary words online, and Web-based tools to help you memorize definitions. Websites such as SuperKids present more than 1000 frequently used SAT words in the form of flashcards and matching games.

2. Take practice tests online.
Perhaps the best way to prep for the SAT is to familiarize yourself with the test. Don Powers, a research scientist for the Educational Testing Service--the company that writes the SAT--recommends it. The current publisher of the SAT, College Board provides excellent, online practice tests. College Board allows you to prep for the SAT online with free practice tests, sample practice questions and "The Official SAT Question of the Day."

3. Take an online SAT prep course.
Classroom-based test prep companies Princeton Review and Kaplan, now have online versions of their courses. Princeton Review offers a full range of online prep resources, including online private tutoring ($3000-$7200), the real-time, interactive, SAT LiveOnline ($599), and the asynchronous, SAT Online ($299). Knewton sells a less expensive, online SAT prep course ($150-$200). focuses on online SAT prep math lessons ($69.50 for a 1-month pass). And College Board features The Official SAT Online Course, which is self-paced and includes 10 online tests, 18 interactive lessons and personalized essay scoring ($69.95).

4. Join an online SAT study group.
Online learning platforms let you collaborate with other SAT-prep students and connect with tutors, high school teachers and SAT prep instructors. Grockit Test Prep offers an online environment for students to prepare for the SAT, complete with full-length computer-adaptive tests (CATs), live online tutoring sessions, study plans and collaborative discussion boards to help students to connect with peers.

5. Download SAT practice apps for your mobile phone.
Make the most of every free minute by accessing SAT prep tools via your mobile phone. Mobile SAT prep apps focus on boosting vocabulary with flashcard practice tools, and sharpening math skills with practice test questions. Some popular free and paid mobile apps include's SAT, which has a math focus, Princeton Review's SAT Score Quest, and SAT Vocab Challenge, Kaplan's SAT Flashcubes and Adapster SAT Math.

You can also prep for the SAT online by reading as much as possible, and taking the time to hone reading comprehension, vocabulary and math skills. Prep for the SAT online and open the doors to the most selective colleges on your list.

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