State of Learning: Higher Education Trends Across America

Higher Education Trends Across America

Higher education in the U.S. is under intense scrutiny -- and perhaps for a good reason. With tuition costs and budget cuts spiraling out of control across many parts of the nation, the dream of receiving a quality education at a four-year (or even two-year) university may turn into a financial nightmare for many college hopefuls.

Despite this, a college education may be an increasingly vital link to finding success in the economy of tomorrow. The Lumina Foundation reports that 65 percent of jobs nationwide will require a college education come 2020, and the White House states that higher education is "now the clearest pathway into the middle class."

For more on the current state of higher education and employment across America, check out our accompanying infographic, which gives you a taste of the potential value of a college education. It moves into a breakdown of which states have the highest degree attainment and lowest unemployment rates, and finally provides a sampling of careers that are projected to see substantial growth in coming years.


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For a complete list of sources, please view the infographic.

State of Learning: Higher Education Trends Across America
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