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Beat the rainy day blues: How to get kids active when they can't go outside

Don’t let the cold and rain make your kids couch potatoes. Learn how to keep them active even when the sun isn’t shining.

Must-see scholarship sources for working moms

Get your scholarship search rolling with 6 financial aid resources catered to single or working moms.

[INFOGRAPHIC] WTF is Pinterest?

In this infographic, we dissect the hottest new social network and answer the question: WTF is Pinterest?

Kids online shopping: Is your kid spending more than you think?

It's no surprise that today's kids are shopping online. What might come as more of a shock is that they are using their parents' credit cards to do it! Find out more about kids online shopping in this infographic.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Generation Text: Teenagers & cell phones

It's no secret that we all love our phones, but new data reveals that teens really love their phones -- and in particular, can't seem to get enough of text messaging. Learn more about teen cell phone use in this infographic.

Online education & gifted students: A perfect pair?

Parents looking for advanced learning opportunities for their gifted children can head online. Programs are available to help students gain access to honors and advanced placement coursework that can supplement or even replace traditional coursework.

Homeschooling help: 50 family Web resources

Find 50 websites with information about homeschooling from parents, legal advocacy groups and other homeschooling professionals and advocates.

Screen time & kids: How to find balance

Kids need structure, but how do you know how much screen time is too much when they're in an online class? Get the scoop from our experts and learn how to rule the media in your house wisely and efficiently.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Celebrity U: The college majors of celebrities

We know them for their films, famous lines, fabulous clothes and more -- but here, learn the educational backgrounds of some of your favorite celebrities.

Top work-from-home jobs for moms

Moms need no longer check their professional ambitions at the front door when they choose to stay at home with their kids. Work-from-home jobs let moms have it all: Time with their children, a career and an income.  

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