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Gaming in the classroom - Infographic

Studies have shown that using gaming in education can help increase students engagement in schools. Check this infographic out to see how technology can support learning.

Back to school blues? Not for homeschooled kids

Let the back-to-school season begin. But what about homeschooled and online students? How do they get ready for going back to school?  

Should you get a high school diploma or a GED?

Students working to complete their secondary education have two options: a high school diploma or a GED. Which one is better?

Mixed musical messages - Infographic

Studies have shown that music can help dementia patients become more alert, attentive, cooperative and engaged. Check this infographic out to see if music can really help us learn.

DWI: Driving while intexticated - Infographic

We all know that texting and driving is dangerous, but everyone continues to do it. Check this infographic out about teens and adults texting behind the wheel.

Moms: The true technology power users - Infographic

Kids aren't the only ones hiding stuff on Facebook. Research shows today's moms are leading their kids when it comes to the use of social networks and digital technology. Find out what moms are doing online and what kids are learning about technology use from their parents.

10 kids who make the grade with online learning

As more K-12 students enter the virtual classroom, the advantages of online learning for these ten groups of students has become clear. Is your child one of those who might benefit from online school?

Robot study buddies - Infographic

Who knew robotic technology can help students learn? Check out this infographic to learn more about how robots can help students with their academic studies!

Birds of a feather: which students flock to what kinds of schools?

In today's college landscape, the stereotypes and common personalities are different than they were even just 10 years ago -- and they vary by what type of school you choose. How do you tell the difference between a classic nerd and hipster nerd? Is that person interested in me or just adding to Facebook harem? Will I make friends at community college? Let's breakdown some of today's stereotypes with a look at the kinds of campus-based and online schools that pull them in.

Traditional classrooms get schooled by online education

Online learning has been around long enough and progressed far enough that it's taking on a teaching role for its mentor, face-to-face instruction. Teachers who have worked in the online environment are bringing what they've learned to their work in traditional classrooms. Find out how.

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