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K-12 Distance Learning and Blended Learning: Trends on the Rise?

Educational games for kids and educational apps are becoming increasing popular in k-12 classrooms. See how these classrooms are incorporating new ways to learn in this infographic about distance and blended learning.

Special Ed Tech: How Digital Learning Tools Are Helping Reach Students With Special Needs

Educators serving special needs students have traditionally relied on specialized assistive technologies, but mainstream edu-tech tools are increasingly making their way into special ed classrooms.

Hacking with a Computer Virus: The Emergent Problem of Cyber Crime

Cyber crime continues to impact the online space. See how the increase need for strong security online is creating opportunities to help combat the issue in this infographic about cyber warriors.  

Google Makes a Play for the Classroom

Google is shedding its "just a search engine" reputation by branching out into other product categories and is now positioned to give Apple a real run for its money on its home turf − in the classroom

10 Unique Gifts for High School Grads

Graduation season is here once again. This year, consider honoring your favorite senior's accomplishments with one of these 10 unique gifts for high school graduates.

Logical Punctuation: “Is there anything ‘logical’ about it?”

With so many style guides out there, it is easy to get caught up in the confusion of proper ways to edit your writing. Check out this infographic to see how the debated style for logical punctuation is addressed.  

The Oxford Comma - Infographic

Inspiration can come in any form and editors are a strange bunch, but serial killers they are not. However, the serial, Oxford(,) or Harvard comma continues to incite editorial wrath. The following infographic details where the battle lines have been drawn.  

Twins in the Classroom - Infographic

The rate of twin births in the U.S has skyrocketed. Should twins be placed in separate classrooms or allowed to be in the same class? Take a look at the infographic to learn more!

Engaged students, motivational gaming and the epic future of education

Video games used to be considered bad for a child's educational development, but what if they actually are the opposite? New research shows that educational video games can provide a better learning experience for some students.

Text Talk - Infographic

From OMG to LOL, there’s no denying that texting has changed the way we communicate with each. Will text talk become our main form of communication in the future? Check this infographic out to learn more!

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