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Educational technology: The evolution of classroom technology

As textbooks are being replaced by digital readers, take a look at the evolution of educational technology—from pencil pads to iPads. Check out this infographic to learn more.

The 5 best online teachers in America

Online schools can only be as good as their instructors. Meet five of the best online teachers working in America today. From the elementary to the post-secondary levels, these trailblazers are changing the face of education.

Brangelina kids to hit the books from home

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have pulled their children out of traditional school in favor of a homeschooling program. Learn how their choice could signal a new trend.

The GRE goes online

Debuting on August 1, 2011, the revised, online GRE General Test will offer new test-taking flexibility for graduate school applicants and new scoring transparency for admissions committees. Find out how to prepare for the new GRE.

Stand up to cyberbullying in online schools

As classrooms and social environments go virtual, so too does bullying. Cyberbullying in online schools is increasingly prevalent, as students transfer cruelty and bad behavior to the digital environment. Parents can help students put an end to cyberbullying through awareness and communication.

Online college classes now offered through The New York Times Knowledge Network

All students are free to take online college courses offered jointly by The New York Times Knowledge Network and its partner colleges and universites. Courses can be taken individually or as part of a certificate program in 17 unique areas of study.

5 great ways to prep for the SAT online

The SAT is still a major factor in college admissions. Follow these five tips to prep for the SAT online and achieve your top score on exam day.

DoE report finds large numbers of uncertified teachers in sciences

A Department of Education report evaluated high school teachers’ education backgrounds in 11 subject areas – not all are certified.

Will the Internet suck the joy out of snow days?

Snow days are happy occasions that have been celebrated by children for generations--but 21st century kids may be the last to enjoy this tradition.

How to get an online counseling degree

Despite budget cuts across the country, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that job opportunities for school guidance counselors will grow more rapidly than the average for other occupations.

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