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Parents and Facebook: How parents use Facebook to keep tabs on their kids

More than half of parents use Facebook to spy on their kids. What snoops! But with 20 million underage users on Facebook, are these parents really snoops, or are they just being smart about Internet safety? Find out in this infographic.

No scholarship? Three loan options for cash-strapped students

Scholarships and grants are down. Today's college students may need to borrow money for tuition and living costs in order to complete their degree. Stafford, PLUS and Alternative loans can mean the difference between graduation and failure.

Online elementary schools: pros and cons for parents who work

The virtual classroom is a valuable resource for parents who home-school a child. But do online elementary schools work for parents that work? Learn more about unsupervised e-learning and what you can do to make the format work for your child.

Do-it-yourself guide for online TOEFL prep

Online TOEFL prep resources help you build your English proficiency and study for TOEFL by yourself. This guide to do-it-yourself TOEFL prep takes you through a comprehensive study regimen step by step.

Do-it-yourself guide for online GRE prep

From mobile apps to online GRE prep, there's a world of test prep resources at your fingertips. Study for the GRE by yourself by following these five simple guidelines.

Do-it-yourself guide for online PSAT prep

Want to study for the PSAT by yourself? Online PSAT prep options include sample questions, study guides, timers and more.

Do-it-yourself guide for online GMAT prep

Preparing for a standardized test can be time consuming and expensive. Doing it yourself can save time and money. Here are some ways to study for the GMAT by yourself.

Do-it-yourself guide for online ACT Prep

Taking the ACT is a major milestone for those who are college-bound. Learning to study for the ACT by yourself can seem like a daunting task, but with so many online ACT prep programs to choose from, you can find a great deal of help.

Do-it-yourself guide for online LSAT prep

Do-it-yourself LSAT prep allows you to customize a study program by tapping into widely available print, software and online LSAT prep resources.

Do-it-yourself guide for online SAT prep

These exam prep tips can help you study for SAT by yourself. Fortunately, the Web has plenty of SAT resources that are designed to boost your knowledge without draining your wallet.

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