10 Middle School Teacher Blogs

10 Blogs by Middle School Teachers

Every day can be an adventure when you teach middle school, and teachers understand that having an outlet for those daily adventures can help everything go a little more smoothly. The authors of these middle school teacher blogs turn to the web for that all-important listening ear, sharing their experiences for all the world to hear. Check out a few of these middle school blogs and take part in the conversation.


10 Middle School Teacher Blogs

  • A Teacher's Treasure − Author Mor Zrihen teaches reading to grades 6-8 at Ben Gamla Charter School in Hollywood, Florida and blogs in photo-rich posts about her life as a teacher. A Teacher's Treasure is geared toward fellow teachers, offering video tutorials for intermediate educators and fun activities. Zrihen also provides teaching tools for sale in the Teaching Treasures store and opportunities for professional inspiration from the carefully planned and meticulously documented activities that take place in her classroom. A recent post about maternity leave indicates that the author may be taking some time off from blogging, but her passion for the process seems to suggest she won't be away for long.
  • Confessions of a Middle School English Teacher − If you're looking for a no-nonsense blog that's written by a mysterious, anonymous author with an honest and somewhat edgy take on life as a middle school teacher, then this may be the one for you. The author, who goes by "A- Teacher," writes about subjects that most teacher bloggers leave aside, such as the effectiveness of public education and his various successes in the art of unorthodox discipline. No classroom activities to download, here − just witty, incisive reporting from the sixth grade front lines.
  • Lessons From The Middle − Grade 7 math teacher Krystal Mills, of Souris Consolidated School on Prince Edward Island in Canada, is so dedicated to her blog that she keeps up her posting regimen even when the school year is out. Lessons From The Middle also has links to other helpful websites and online middle school resources. The blog has won multiple awards, including "Most Fascinating Blog of 2012."
  • Making It As A Middle School Teacher − Michelle Lundy is a science and social studies teacher at Upson-Lee Middle School in Thomaston, GA and has been sharing her wealth of experience in the classroom on her blog since 2011. Her upbeat attitude and creativity makes for compelling reading, and her knowledge in multiple classroom subjects helps her design effective learning aids. She offers plenty of free activities for teachers to try out and sells her own inventive teaching tools through online middle school supply marketplaces such as Teachers Pay Teachers.
  • Middle School Maestros − Charity Preston, the founder of the Organized Classroom blog, created Middle School Maestros as a way to bring a steady stream of relevant content to middle school teachers. The site is an aggregator of middle school teacher blogs from the four corners of the internet, all presented together in one long scroll, similar to a social media feed. Free downloadable activities are available, as are strategies for using technology to enhance your teaching life and more.
  • MiddleWeb − One of the oldest sites on this list, the recently redesigned MiddleWeb has been providing insight and information to teachers, parents and school administrators since 1996. The site features book reviews, interviews, brief essays ("resource roundups") and first-person stories from teachers and school leaders. MiddleWeb also encourages teachers from all walks of middle school life to get involved by sharing photos, commenting on content, polling students, interviewing initiatives or writing guest posts for the site.
  • Scripted Spontaneity − Science teacher Paul Cancellieri is a founding member of the faculty at Wake Young Men's Leadership Academy and author of this blog. He discusses cutting-edge edutech, such as how Livescribe smart pens can work with Evernote and Dropbox to teach note-taking skills while also helping to involve parents in their children's education (worth a read, see it here), alongside age-old topics such as constructing effective learning assessments. This blog may be great for tech-forward teachers or anyone who wants a glimpse inside the mind of one.
  • Surviving Sixth Grade − When she's not teaching sixth grade English at Spaulding Middle School in South Carolina, Carla Jefferson blogs about teaching, reading and technology integration at Surviving Sixth Grade. Teachers who might be on the fence about using technology in the classroom can benefit from her simple, savvy and confident rundowns of the edutech tools she uses when teaching, organizing data and managing lesson plans. The blog also serves as a portal to other teaching resources in the blogosphere through Mrs. Jeff's myriad connections with blogs and bloggers from all across the education spectrum.
  • The Science Spot − Tracey Tomm, an eighth grade science teacher at Havana Junior High in Havana, IL, founded The Science Spot in 1999 to provide a comprehensive online resource for middle school science teachers and students. The site features classroom activities, an online reference desk, project ideas, daily trivia and puzzles about chemistry, biology, physics, Earth science, astronomy and science in general. There's also a "Kid Zone," where students can play science games, find fun web resources on topics covered in class and learn about science careers.
  • TweenTeacher − Author Heather Wolpert-Gawron of Jefferson Middle School in San Gabriel, CA is a decorated educator, a Fellow of the California Writing Project and an writer who has contributed to the Huffington Post and Edutopia.org. She also holds a master's degree in instructional design and technology with an online learning emphasis. Recent posts cover topics such as classroom diversity, BYOD ("Bring Your Own Device") programs and the current state of the teaching profession as we know it.

Discover more middle school blogs

There are many more middle school blogs available on the web where teachers can browse, learn new tricks and contribute their experience to the discussion. In fact, most of the sites listed above feature guest bloggers or offer link pages to other blogs, helping educators continue to discover new resources they never knew were there. Take some time to become familiar with a few authors and find out what the rest of the middle school world is thinking.

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