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The history of online education

Did you know distance learning has been around for over 280 years? Learn about the evolution of distance and online education in this infographic.

School lunch: Is cafeteria food healthier?

Cafeteria lunches are healthier than packed lunches? Apparently! According to a recent study, only 1% of packed lunches meet nutritional standards. Would your kid's lunch be part of that 1%? Find out more about school lunches in this infographic.

Do-it-yourself guide to online CBEST prep

The CBEST is the main exam for teachers seeking a credential in California or Oregon. Learn how to prepare for CBEST using convenient online CBEST prep resources.

Social media in schools: Can it be educational for kids?

With the proper guidance from parents and teachers, social media sites such as Facebook and Google+ can be powerful educational tools.

Secrets of the straight-A-student

In today's competitive world, what student doesn't want to earn As? Here, author and educator Anne Crossman discusses the three myths most students believe when it comes to academic success--and how not to fall for them.

Do-it-yourself guide to online ISEE prep

The Independent School Entrance Exam is a critical factor in private middle and high school admission. Here are seven tips to making sure the ISEE score truly reflects a student's ability.

Literacy program brings service animals to reading groups

Does your child need help with reading? Find out how service animals are offering tutoring help for elementary and middle school-aged children, and how these unlikely reading tutors may be wagging their tails at a location near you.

Tormented teachers: How cyberbullying affects educators

It's a widely-known fact that teenagers suffer from cyberbullying, what many don't know is that teachers can be victims of this tormenting too. Learn more about this issue here.

The Perkins Loan Program: Change or die!

Academic and financial aid leaders are trying desperately to save the Federal Perkins Loan program, which has been helping the neediest students fund their educations for the past 50 years. Read about their efforts.

White House, Education Dept. to relax 'No Child' mandates

Obama administration proposes waiver program to allow states to apply for relief from rigid student performance requirements under Bush-era law.

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