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10 Colleges and Universities Innovating the Application Process

Standardized college applications are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Check out these 10 schools innovating the college application process for a new generation of students.

Competency-Based Degree Programs Catch On

Reward students for what they know, not how long they sit in a classroom: That's the idea behind competency-based degree programs. See how colleges across the country are changing their approach to education.

Millennials and Their Struggle with Today's Workplace

Learn what millennial workers look for in an optimal employer and which ideals they often compromise when starting their career.

Is Gen Y Really Lazy and Self-entitled? ME-llennials in the Workplace

How does Gen Y stack up in the workplace? Learn how these Millennials compare to other generations in his infographic.

Career Spotlight: Renewable Energy and Sustainability

A host of new careers are cropping up to help organizations align themselves with modern environmental and ethical standards. Find out how sustainability is driving job growth for everyone from corner-office executives to technicians with their boots on the ground.

Tutoring 2.0: New Online Tutoring Tech and Trends

The world of online tutoring is advancing at a rapid pace. Here are some new tools and techs you might have to see to believe.

What is Edutech? Put on Your Thinking Caps with Futuristic Learning Tools

The future of learning is becoming more exciting with new technological advancements. Learn how edutech is shaping the future of learning in this infographic.

Trends in Online Music and Art Instruction

Music and art can be difficult to teach online, but new applications and approaches are changing that. Here are a few success stories from online colleges and universities.

Career Spotlight: Cloud Computing Jobs

Around the world, demand for qualified cloud computing professionals outpaces supply. Learn more about growing fields like cloud architect and cloud product manager.

Students on Screens: Multitasking and Device Use Among Teens

Technology is quickly becoming popular for teenagers and students from all over. Learn how new technologies are impacting this community of teenagers and students in this infographic.

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