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Totally psyched! 50 psychology professors to follow on Twitter

Top 50 psychology professors on Twitter

Twitter helps you connect with the brilliant minds who research, make news and inspire students around the world. Looking for a little daily wisdom? Get plugged into these high-tech psychology professors at campus-based and online colleges and universities. These profs make their daily thoughts known to the Twitterverse, and you've got access.

Check out our list of top 50 psychology professors on Twitter. You'll find frequent contributors to NPR, prolific authors and brilliant researchers. You may also be surprised by how many of these plugged-in professors interact with their feed followers.

  • @tlomauro, Timothy A. Lomauro, clinical psychologist and psychology professor, Lehigh University

In his prolific feed, Timothy Lomauro offers links for everything from Alzheimer's research to painkillers and PTSD.

  • @psychoBOBlogy, Professor Bob, professor of psychology and ethics, Wisconsin

Joking with one of his 2,700 followers, Professor Bob recently suggested he's going to have to add Twitter to his CV.

  • @danariely, Dan Ariely, professor of psychology and behavioral economics, Duke University

A fan of TED Talks and thought-provoking articles, Dan Ariely is a frequent contributor to publications such as Bloomberg Businessweek.

  • @ProfCaryCooper, Cary Cooper, professor of organizational psychology and health, Lancaster University

The opinionated Cary Cooper keeps his feed going with commentary on conferences and articles. A recent tweet encouraged recent graduates to create their own niche businesses.

  • @JonHaidt, Jonathan Haidt, professor of psychology, University of Virginia

A relative newcomer to the scene, Jonathan Haidt is nevertheless a verified member with a strong publication record spanning NPR, the Wall Street Journal and his own blog.

  • @toddkashdan, Todd Kashdan, professor, psychologist, positive psychology researcher, George Mason University

With 7,500 followers and counting, Todd Kashdan is a veteran of the Twitter world. A recent tweet encouraged his followers to be open and curious about religion.

  • @BarrySch, Barry Schwartz, professor of psychology, Swarthmore College

This author, professor and speaker also has a sense of humor. About his recent book, he wrote, "If you interact with other people, you should read it."

  • @drjudithbeck, Judith S. Beck, clinical associate professor of psychology, University of Pennsylvania

Judith S. Beck tweets links, notes to students and faculty, and photos of her husband's recent awards to her 1,400 followers.

Because he has a professional focus on art, fiction, religion and morality, Paul Bloom's twitter feed is packed with thought-provoking articles and cool commentary.

  • @GenBuy, Kit Yarrow, consumer psychologist and professor, Golden Gate University

This busy prof is interested in consumer trends and buying patterns, making her the perfect match for any student studying marketing along with psychology.

  • @deevybee, Dorothy Bishop, professor of developmental neuropsychology, University of Oxford

With over 3,500 followers, Dorothy Bishop still finds the time to interact with her fans. A recent conversation had her tweeting @bengoldacre about citations.

  • @nestorlld, Nestor Lopez-Duran, assistant professor, University of Michigan

An Ann Arbor local, Nestor Lopez-Duran posts about Michigan's football team, theoretical research and vegan jell-o.

  • @DeborahSerani, Deborah Serani, psychology adjunct professor, Adelphi University

In addition to her writing and teaching life, Deborah Serani has also worked as a technical advisor for the NBC television show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

  • @profsimons, Daniel Simons, cognitive psychology professor, University of Illinois

Co-author and television contributor Daniel Simons is a busy man, but he still finds time to interact with his fans on Twitter.

  • @STurkle, Sherry Turkle, psychology professor and author, MIT

This psychology prof takes a high-tech look at the field, teaching at MIT and authoring a number of tech-related books, including Life on the Screen.

  • @J_Cacioppo, John Cacioppo, professor and director of the Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience, University of Chicago

This textbook author and go-to interview expert offers links and thoughts on social networking, loneliness, depression, and reviews of conferences from China to Poland.

  • @drkkolmes, Keely Kolmes, writer, researcher, licensed psychologist and former postdoctoral fellow, Stanford University

When she's not seeing patients at her private practice in San Francisco or teaching social media ethics for mental health professionals, Keely Kolmes is tweeting about couples therapy and more.

  • @pamelarutledge, Pamela Rutledge, media psychology professor, Fielding Graduate University, UCLA Extension

This social media expert tweets about Twitter, taking on celebrity death hoaxes and the qualitative data one can collect from the microblogging service.

  • @DrPeggyDrexler, Peggy Drexler, assistant professor of psychology, Weill Cornell Medical College

This psychology prof, who boasts a growing fanbase of over 1,800, tweets about teen bullying, parenting, gender stereotypes and more.

  • @drjenshewmaker, Jennifer Shewmaker, psychology professor, Abilene Christian University

Psychology and women's rights are a focus on Jennifer Shewmaker's prolific twitter feed, which covers trending topics and recent research.

  • @s_canning, Sally Canning, clinical psychologist and professor. Wheaton College

Sally Canning uses Twitter to connect with peers and fellow researchers, at times offering up study statistics to help others or putting out queries of her own.

  • @michaelhogannui, Michael Hogan, psychology professor and researcher, National University of Ireland, Galway

Dr. Hogan tweets on cognitive psychology, neuroscience, education,  systems science, graphicacy, critical thinking, creativity, cognitive enhancement, aging, social psychology,  and many other interesting topics.

  • @meyourprofessor, Christopher H. Ramey, cognitive psychologist and professor, University of Kansas

Undoubtedly the hippest psychology prof at KU, Christopher H. Ramey tweets office hours and other necessities to his students.

  • @theaudioprof, Rob Potter, mass communication and cognitive science professor, Indiana University

With over 4,300 tweets, this professor keeps busy online, tweeting about skating lessons, football season and workplace psychology.

  • @cesargamez, Cesar Gamez, adjunct professor and anger management specialist, Arizona State University

Get an inside look at teaching and doctoral study from one prof who's in the middle of it, earning his Ph.D. from Arizona State.

  • @abmarkman, Art Markman, cognitive scientist, University of Texas at Austin

Check out the research and scientific arm of psychology with Art Markman, a cognitive researcher with a strong social media presence.

  • @R_Thaler, Richard H Thaler, professor of behavioral science and economics, University of Chicago

This tweetable prof mixes behavioral psychology and economics, making him a particularly good party guest during election season.

  • @ian_rivers, Ian Rivers, professor of human development, Brunel University

This London-based psychologist is an expert on bullying and bystander mental health and is big on interacting with his followers.

  • @iopsychology, Gordon B. Schmidt, professor of organizational leadership, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne

Get behind the scenes of I/O psychology training and teaching with this professor, who specializes in the study of motivation and social media.

  • @rnlanders, Richard N. Landers, assistant professor of industrial/organizational psychology, Old Dominion University

Recent tweets included links to articles about the worst job in the digital world, testing and The Walking Dead.

  • @lukasneville, Lukas Neville, Ph.D. candidate in organizational behavior, Queen's University

Take a peek at Ph.D. candidate Lukas Neville, who shares his dry British wit with over 1,000 Twitter followers.

  • @Karenpine, Karen Pine, psychology professor and researcher , University of Hertfordshire and Bilgi University

Check out Karen Pine's feed for links relating to women and money management, including a recent article on why women get asked more questions at the bank.

  • @davidmatsumoto, David Matsumoto, psychology professor, San Francisco State University

This psychology prof hasn't just authored over 200 articles on culture, emotion and nonverbal behavior - he's also a Judo instructor.

  • @DrDonnaRockwell, Donna Rockwell, faculty, Michigan School of Professional Psychology

Feeling a little under the weather? Check out Donna Rockwell's feed for talk about grief, depression and recovery.

  • @rkurzban, Robert Kurzban, associate professor of psychology, University of Pennsylvania

Robert Kurzban is an engaging blogger and author of the book Why Everyone (Else) Is A Hypocrite.

  • @profron, Ron McClamrock, Philosophy of Mind & Psychology professor, University at Albany, SUNY

This professor stands at the intersection of philosophy and psychology and boasts over 1,400 tweets.

  • @mikhaill, Mikhail Lyubansky, editor and psychology professor, University of Illinois

Mikhail Lyubansky brings his interest in racial issues and restorative justice to his blog at Psychology Today.

  • @damian613, Damian Bariexca, adjunct psychology instructor, Delaware Valley College

This small-town college instructor has a big-time following, thanks in part to his over 21,400 tweets on psychology and other subjects.

  • @Frankwspencer, Frank Spencer, psychologist, educator and naturalist, New Hampshire

Links to pages on psych testing, bullying and Freud's bookshelf keep this Dover resident's page compelling.

  • @swhitbo, Susan K. Whitbourne, clinical psychologist and professor, UMass Amherst

Another Psychology Today blogger, Susan K. Whitbourne also puts in her two cents at Time Magazine.

  • @astridschep, Astrid Schepman, senior lecturer in experimental psychology, University of Chester

Check out this far-flung professor for retweets and commentary on fascinating articles across the psychology world.

  • @criener, Cedar Riener, cognitive psychologist and professor, Randolph-Macon College

A self-professed science geek and stats wonk, Cedar Riener is always good for a link to interesting survey statistics and school reform information.

  • @lynnoc, Lynn O'Connor, psychologist, researcher and professor, The Wright Institute

This busy psychologist makes time to add commentary on the Ritalin debate to the Twitter world.

  • @bacigalupe, Gonzalo Bacigalupe, research professor, family systems and global health psychology, University of Massachusetts.

Get news and views from Gonzalo Bacigalupe, who features over 4,300 followers and more than 14,500 tweets.

  • @dbrodbeck, Dave Brodbeck, podcaster and psychology professor, Algoma University

An avid video gamer, Dave B rodbeck is also a prolific tweeter and an evolutionary psychology enthusiast.

  • @KevinLBurke, Kevin L. Burke, sport psychology college professor, Towson University

Get behind the game with this Towson University professor who keeps his fans updated on his appearances around town.

  • @mrwdawson, Michael Dawson, cognitive scientist and psychology professor, University of Alberta

This new face to the psychology Twitter world is the author of From Bricks to Brains: The Embodied Cognitive Science of LEGO Robots.

  • @DrMollieMarti, Mollie Marti, speaker and professor, University of Iowa

Known as Dr. Mollie, this psychology prof keeps her Twitter feed lively with inspiring quotes and a friendly interaction with followers.

  • @danlevitin, Daniel Levitin, professor of psychology and neuroscience, McGill University
As the author of This Is Your Brain On Music, Daniel Levitin is a music-minded psych prof. Recent tweets revealed his attendance at the SXSW music festival in Austin, TX.
  • @sapinker, Steven Pinker, cognitive psychology scientist and professor, Harvard University
No who's-who list is complete without Steven Pinker, whose work on sight-based cognition and the psychology of language has won him awards and worldwide acclaim.

Whether you're looking to connect with a world-renowned clinical psychologist or simply keep your feed updated with thought-provoking news and opinions, these top docs are our prescription.