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50 New York City parenting blogs

What do living in New York City and being a parent have in common? Both can be very rewarding and very challenging -- often at the same time. Combine the two, and it makes for an experience that builds character and perspective. Sometimes, the outcome is a New York City parenting blog.

Below are 50 such blogs, sorted into various categories -- though being blogs, they almost all stray into the "personal reflection" realm to some extent.

Advice and support communities

Education information

How-to advice

Information forums

  • A Child Grows In Brooklyn -- A variety of information and advice of interest to parents of children in Brooklyn.
  • Ciao Bambino -- Information on how families can explore a variety of destinations, with a page dedicated to New York.
  • Daddy Types -- Wide-ranging discussion of news and products of interest to parents of young children.
  • Divalysscious Moms -- Information on the New York City social scene for recent or expectant mothers.
  • Manhattan Mom -- Tips on events, activities, and products for children.
  • Mommy Poppins -- Information and recommendations about kid-friendly activities.
  • New York Families for Autistic Children -- Resources and advice for families with autistic children.
  • New York Family -- Information and advice for New York-area parents.
  • New York Parenting Teens Examiner -- Programs and events of interest to teens and parents of teens in New York.
  • The Culture Mom -- Information about cultural events in and around New York City for kids and their parents.
  • The Word on Columbia Street -- Events and issues of interest to families living around Columbia Street in Brooklyn.
  • Time Out New York Kids -- Reviews and recommendations for parents, with an emphasis on kid-friendly events.
  • UrbanBaby -- Information and discussion of issues and events of interest to parents of very young children.

Personal journals

These blogs have varying degrees of professionalism and commercialism, but as such they represent a spectrum of choices that allows readers to find the voices that resonate with them. What the sites have in common are insights into the dual challenges of parenting and living in New York City, which should make them all of potential interest to anyone in the same situation.

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