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50 Midwest parenting blogs

If these blogs are any indication, Midwest parents have child-rearing down to a science. In America's Heartland, kids are raised with plenty of trips to the zoo, home-cooked meals, reading lists and cloth diapers.

Parenting blogs in the Midwest offer a valuable resource to parents of all ages and child stages. Check out our picks for top Midwest mommy blogs, with a bonus shout-out for dads who blog on the finer points of parenting.


Chicago dominates this blogging state, and Chicagonista offers its weekly family event picks for parents wondering what to do on a Tuesday afternoon.


In Madison and beyond, Wisconsin parenting blogs offer homespun wisdom. "These December days," writes Mom in Madison. "They seem to inch along and yet time flies."


Home cooking is a staple of Indiana parenting blogs. A recent post from Basilmomma offers up a recipe for taco soup.


Pregnant Minnesota blogger Flotsam is optimistic about 2012. "I have had more energy and been in a much improved mood ever since Chinese New Year on the 23rd, so I am giving all the credit to The Year of The Dragon," she writes. "After last year, The Year of The Crying Woman, I am fully prepared to enjoy the spit out of it."


Kansas mommy bloggers mix advice and great stories. Rita Arens, the blogger behind Surrender, Dorothy, recently wrote a hilarious post on her two-state quest for jeans that fit.


Cold weather sports and smart parenting feature in Nebraska's parenting blogs. "We LIVE at the ice rink!" writes Nebraska Hockey Mom.


Find parenting tips and great recipes in these Missouri blogs. St. Louis based blogger Pie it Forward has a great recipe for sweet, fluffy orange rolls.

North Dakota

Raising kids in this northern state is a true adventure. Homesteading and homeschooling ND Homekeeper writes, "This winter we've seen a lot more coyote activity than in previous years."


"Watch me make this cup of coffee disappear," quips blogger Mommiedaze, just one of the many funny parenting bloggers of Michigan.


Sweet photos categorize the blog of Moosh in Indy, including a cute shot of a pink-hatted baby girl smiling for the camera.


Country wisdom abounds in Iowa. The Iowa Farmer's Wife is giving up the Internet for Lent but promises to pop in with blog updates.


Columbus, Ohio blogger Ms. Single Mama offers a unique voice to the parenting blog world, writing about communicating with exes and the ups and downs of single parenthood.


A special category is reserved for these Midwest dad blogs. Check out great photos, unique posts, and a refreshing look at the parenting world from a male perspective. Dad Thing offers up a funny story of his kids' first tandem bath.

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