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Q&A: Social Programs for Students at Online Middle Schools

A: The notion that students who learn from home are socially malformed is something of an outdated construct. It may have been the case during the early days of the modern home schooling movement 20-30 years ago; but since then families and communities have worked diligently to give those who live at home vibrant social options to further their development. Now it's an entriely different ballgame.

Online middle schools have linked up with similar schools and networks across the country to offer students activities such as Little League baseball teams, “socials,” dances, chess clubs, music groups, Scouts, spelling bees, etc. Students forge friendships that can last for years and years through consistent contact. Furthermore, many online programs now also feature social elements within the classroom. Students can chat with each other in real time, comment on each other’s work in forums, and keep up with connections on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.

Feel free to check out our school report cards for more information and a breakdown of what social programs are offered by specific schools.

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