Do online schools use real books? | Online Schools

Q&A: Real Books and Online Schools

A: Depends on the school and the program. Our research shows that most online schools still supplement their instruction with a traditional textbook (i.e. one that you can hold in your hand).

Nevertheless, one can only assume that with more and more books going digital, the day in which the majority of our learning materials live online can’t be far off.  It is also safe to assume that most elearning platforms will be ahead of the curve when it comes to offering online content.

If you’re concerned that books will add to the cost of tuition – it again depends on the school and program. Many programs bake the cost of textbooks into more general tuition costs, while other programs ask you to purchase the books separately.

This is definitely something you should ask the schools you’re interested in, and make sure to check out our school report cards to see if the school you are interested in requires purchasing outside materials.

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