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Q&A: Making Time to Get a Degree

A: No worries. Ask away; we're here to help! It’s a calculus only you can figure out. On the financial front, consider the direct boost to your earning potential over the course of your career, and then, once you’re convinced that business school is a worthy investment of your time and money, plunge right in with full force.

Time-wise, you should definitely consider getting your MBA online. Online programs offer added flexibility with regard to scheduling, which means that you will be able to decide when you want to take classes. You won’t have to rush to campus to make a certain class, because you’ll be able to attend class from your living room. Additionally, on-demand classes let you schedule classes when they work for you and if you are in the middle of a class and need to run out, most schools allow for the coursework to be saved and then picked up again when the student is ready.

The other good news is that online programs make it easy for you to balance your coursework with other essential activities. Most schools offer a diverse range of enrollment options, from taking a full semester of classes, to taking one or two classes at a time. It will obviously take longer to earn your degree if you are taking only one or two classes per semester, but it makes getting an education that much easier to fit into your schedule.

We’re sure your family appreciates your ambition, but don't make the mistake of neglecting their opinions either. Education, whether on-campus or online, is an arduous endeavor. You'll have to intricately budget both costs and time. Take an extra minute to make sure the numbers work for you – then attack the business school with gusto. Good luck!

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