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Q&A: Homeschooling Versus Online Learning

Thanks for that question; it's very important to draw a distinction between the two. In terms of the choice itself, obviously that decision should be made by your family and your family alone after weighing all the factors at hand.

The best we can do is make a list of pros and cons for each, relative to each other.

Online middle schools:
-Curriculum and courses already designed
-Built-in network of peers, other students in the class, chat rooms, etc.
-Experienced, certified teachers
-Public and charter options can be cost-effective

-More freedom with regard to learning style and topics
-Generally tuition-free
-More developed programs for socializing outside of the classroom
-Slightly more flexibility in terms of scheduling (more online programs have on-demand lessons)

Again, we only hope to offer information so you can make a more cognizant decision for yourself. Let us know if you have any additional questions!

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