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Ask an Online High School Teacher

One-size-fits-all education is not for everyone. You have almost limitless options and opportunities. Ask our experts questions about your specific education needs, and they'll get right back to you.

Q&A: Hybrid traditional and online high school programs

Question: Can my son do online and traditional high school courses at the same time?

Q&A: Online Schools: Accomodating Learning Disabilities

Question: I have been worrying for awhile about how my son with a learning disability will be able to continue his education at the high school level. Do most online high schools make accommodations for students with a learning disability? How do they make these accommodations? Do you think it's possible for students with learning disabilities to succeed at an online school?

Q&A: The Benefits of Online High School

Question: What are some of the benefits of online high school? How do I know if online high school is going to be a "good fit" for a high school student?

Q&A: Getting Your GED: Your Second Chance!

Given today's economy, many adults without high school diplomas are looking to the GED credential as a way to put themselves in the running for jobs or for college admission. A reader asks, "Where can I get my online GED?"  

Q&A: Religious Schools and Programs

Q: Are any of these schools religious? I assume the teachers are good and qualified at these schools? I guess I am only interested in Christian schools, but do wonder about other faiths as well.

Q&A: College Admissions Officers and Online High Schools

Q: What do college admissions officers think about online high schools? Do they view them favorably or negatively? Would a student be better served, in the eyes of brick-and-mortar colleges, by avoiding online high schools?

Ask an Online High School Teacher

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