Q&A: Will My Child Be Taught Common Core If He Attends Online School?

Q&A: Will My Child Be Taught Common Core If He Attends Online School?

Answer: If your child attends an online school based in any of the 45 states that have voluntarily adopted the Common Core, then he or she will likely be taught these standards. The CCSS (Common Core State Standards) are newly adopted standards for both mathematics and language arts in grades K through 12. These standards have been implemented across the nation over the last five years. Their purpose is to give students the opportunity to achieve a deeper understanding of what they've been taught, with an emphasis on critical thinking and communication skills that are important in society today.

The Common Core is a massive educational initiative developed by a group of teachers, parents, school administrators, and researchers from several states. Many individuals realized the need to develop high level standards that would be consistent between states and grade levels. The CCSS push teachers to give students a more engaging learning atmosphere where they can question their thinking and ask questions about newfound knowledge. There is a strong focus on the real world skills that students need between now and the time that they reach graduation.

With the implementation of CCSS, transitioning between schools should be easier for students because expectations of what they should know and understand will be the same across districts. Teachers using the Common Core have a clearer understanding of what should be taught at each grad level, and have the ability to focus on these skills more deeply.

If your child's online school does teach the Common Core, that does not mean that the school will use the same curriculum as other schools in your district. Regardless of whether your state has adopted the CCSS, every school will continue to maintain their own unique curriculum to help students achieve understanding of these standards and reach academic success.

Christi WilsonChristi Wilson is a credentialed teacher of highly-gifted students in Northern Nevada. She has 11 years of classroom teaching experience, a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, a master’s degree in education leadership, and has even taught K-12 education online. A mother of three busy boys, she knows how important it is to keep students engaged in the classroom and interested in a lifetime of learning.

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