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Ask an Online College Professor

We know you're busy. That's why we make the process of learning about online colleges easier for you. Write in and ask our experts anything, or read their responses to other readers' questions.

Online Teaching? Different? Yes!

Q. A reader asks "I have been a teacher at a traditional high school for almost 20 years, but recently I have been thinking about becoming an online teacher. What are the biggest differences? What are some of the challenges and changes I can expect to face?"

Q&A: Teacher Quality

Q: I’ve heard mixed reviews about teachers at online colleges. Do good teachers flock to the internet? Or is it a backwater for people who can't stand in front of people? What do you guys think?

Q&A: Loans and Debt

Q: Am I going to get into debt? How do the numbers break down? I am not sure who to speak with about this issue.

Q&A: Tuition Reductions for Veterans

Q: I am currently stationed in Germany, and looking to earn my bachelors degree. What services or tuition reductions are available for current members of military or veterans when it comes to online colleges?

Q&A: LBGT Student Services

Q: What sort of LGBT services do online HS students get? It's not that my son needs "special attention" or anything, it would just be nice to know there are programs where he is able to feel comfortable...

Ask an Online College Professor

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