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Q&A: Additional Online Elementary Schools Resources

A: We agree; that’s why we created this site! Seriously, the notion of online elementary schools is so new that there hasn’t been a lot written about it yet. We’re starting to build up our resources for families exploring such an option. Keep checking back in for new great features.

Here’s a great article on how elementary schools work. This piece should provide specifics on the services the programs provide for students. And here’s information on why many people believe that online schools are more effective than traditional schools; the pros and cons are outlined in depth.

It should be noted that there aren't many online schools that only cater to elementary school students. Most of the schools that offer online elementary school are K-12 programs designed to educate a student over the course of their full educational career. These programs allow students to build upon the previous grades' teaching and give the student a well-rounded education and foundation.

And yes online schools are something of a phenomena in the sense of their rapid growth and quick adoption. If recent history is any indicator, text will only become further digitized and more and more people will be learning online. also has a help state-by-state list of free online public schools here.

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