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Ask an Online Teacher

Have questions about online schools? Fire away. You can also read our archived answers from similar queries. Our experts answer all reader questions promptly and thoroughly.

Q&A: What Do I Do in the Event of an Emergency?

Question: What happens if something comes up and I am unable to log in to my class?

Q&A: How Is Testing Conducted in Online Classes?

Question: Are there tests or quizzes in online classes?

Q&A: How Do I Resolve Technical Issues with Online Courseware?

Question: What if I'm having technical issues in my online classroom?

Q&A: How Many Students Are in a Typical Online Course?

Question: How many students are typically in an online class?

Q&A: How Can a Medical Condition Affect My Online Education?

Question: I have a medical condition that requires several doctor appointments a month and daily medication with various side effects. Is it possible to take online college classes, and will my medical condition be taken into consideration?

Q&A: How Do I Choose an Online School?

Question: How do I choose an online school?

Q&A: How Do Schools Decide to Offer a Class Online?

How do schools decide if they want to offer a class online?

Q&A: Is Online Tutoring Available?

Question: Is tutoring available online? If so, how does it work?

Q&A: Can I Become A Counselor Online?

Q: I want to become a counselor, but I want to study online. Can I take online classes that will let me do that?

Q&A: Should I Use Online Textbooks?

Question: I'm going to take my first online class soon, and I'm looking forward to it. The school gives me the option of getting my textbooks electronically. Should I do that too?

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