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Ask an Online Teacher

Have questions about online schools? Fire away. You can also read our archived answers from similar queries. Our experts answer all reader questions promptly and thoroughly.

Q&A: Do Online Classes Meet at a Set Time?

Question: If I take an online course, do I have to be in the class at a specific time?

Q&A: How Can I Express My Appreciation for an Exceptional Online Teacher?

Question: What's the best way to recognize an outstanding instructor?

Q&A: How Can I Make the Most of Online Discussion Groups?

Question: My online course's discussion groups often get derailed by unproductive comments. How can I get the threads back on track?

Q&A: What Can I Do to Keep Up in My Online Course?

Question: I'm in my third online class and I'm having difficulties keeping up with the assignments and discussion posts. Do you have any suggestions?

Q&A: What Can I Expect From My First Online Class?

Question: I just registered for my first online class. Is there anything I should know or expect?

Q&A: Do I Have to be Technologically Savvy to Take Online Classes?

Question: I'm thinking of taking classes online, but I'm not very technologically savvy. Do you think this is a bad idea?

Q&A: What Do You Need to Do to Become an Online Teacher?

Question: How do you become an online teacher?

Q&A: What Are Some Reasons for Becoming an Online Student?

Question: What are some good reasons to become an online student?

Q&A: Do I Need to Purchase Textbooks for My Online Class?

Question: Do I have to buy books for online classes?

Q&A: What Is Plagiarism?

Question: What is plagiarism, and what does this have to do with being an online student?

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