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Ask an Online Teacher

Have questions about online schools? Fire away. You can also read our archived answers from similar queries. Our experts answer all reader questions promptly and thoroughly.

Q&A: Do Online Schools Offer STEM Courses?

Question: Is it possible for my child to take STEM courses while attending online school?

Q&A: Parent-Teacher Conferences

Question: Will my child's online school conduct a parent-teacher conference similar to a more traditional school setting?

Q&A: What Information Should I Include in My Student Bio?

Question: Online classes always ask for student bios. What should I put?

Q&A: Standardized Testing

Question: Will my child be required to take standardized tests while he attends online school?

Q&A: How Many Online Classes Should I Take at One Time?

Question: How many online classes should I take at a time?

Q&A: Do Online Instructors Have the Same Credentials as Traditional Teachers?

Question: Do the teachers at online schools have the same credentials as teachers at other schools?

Q&A: How Dependable Are Teacher Rating Websites?

Question: How dependable are the online rating websites for professors and teachers? I want to make sure I get a good teacher.

Q&A: Extracurricular Activities

Question: If I enroll my daughter in a full-time online program, will she be able to have access to any of those extras like music, library, or even PE? Or will that kind of stuff fall on me?

Q&A: Can I Raise My GPA With Online Courses?

Question: I want to improve my GPA while continuing to attend my local high school. Is it possible to keep going to my school while taking classes online and raise my GPA?

Q&A: Test Preparation Tips

Question: I don't do well on tests. What's a good way to prepare?

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