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Ask an Online Teacher

Have questions about online schools? Fire away. You can also read our archived answers from similar queries. Our experts answer all reader questions promptly and thoroughly.

Online Teaching? Different? Yes!

Q. A reader asks "I have been a teacher at a traditional high school for almost 20 years, but recently I have been thinking about becoming an online teacher. What are the biggest differences? What are some of the challenges and changes I can expect to face?"

Q&A: Spotting a Good Online School

Q: I have been doing a lot of reading about online schools recently. Some of the reviews out there are good, and some of them are horrible. It seems online learning still needs to be improved some. What are some of the ways you think online education can improve to make the experience more valuable?

Q&A: Spotting Online School trouble signs

Question: What are some trouble signs that I am not in a good online program? I know that quality varies across different schools and majors. I suspect that my teachers are somewhat indifferent; plus the school gets back to me slowly whenever I make an inquiry. Or is this standard? Thanks!

Q&A: Getting Your GED: Your Second Chance!

Given today's economy, many adults without high school diplomas are looking to the GED credential as a way to put themselves in the running for jobs or for college admission. A reader asks, "Where can I get my online GED?"  

Q&A: Applying for education grants

Question: Dr. Browning it's very cool that you're contributing to this site. I'm wondering whether you could share some of your grant-writing expertise as it pertains to getting scholarships to go to school. Where should I apply? Do grants usually apply to education? How about online education? Thanks for any guidance.

Q&A: Technology for online classes

Question: I took an online learning course about 5 years ago. It was convenient, but the technology was pretty primitive. Have there been advancements in recent years? Is online learning better now? What new technologies are there to make it more engaging?

Q&A: Do's and don'ts for the night before the GMAT

Question: What should I do the night before the GMAT?

Q&A: Gaining experience in teaching online

Question: Hi. I taught in classrooms for 7 years before becoming a mom. I'm now looking to educate young people again, but am hoping to teach online for a strong online school. My job search hasn't been very fruitful so far. Do you have any suggestions about how to make myself look more desirable for the folks who hire online teachers?

Q&A: Differences in curricula between online and traditional courses

Question: Do online courses and "traditional" courses have different curricula? If so, how do they differ? Are they delivered the same way over the course of a semester?

Q&A: Taking the PSAT or SAT when English is your second language

Q. We have recently moved to this country. I want my daughter to do well on the vocabulary section of the SAT, but English is not our first language. She is picking it up quickly, but the test is only a few months away. Do you have any tips for her (or me)? Thank you.

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