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Wednesday, January 8th

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Monday, December 16th

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Thursday, October 10th

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Thursday, September 26th

Trends in Online Music and Art Instruction

Music and art can be difficult to teach online, but new applications and approaches are changing that. Here are a few success stories from online colleges and universities.

Monday, September 16th

Career Spotlight: Cloud Computing Jobs

Around the world, demand for qualified cloud computing professionals outpaces supply. Learn more about growing fields like cloud architect and cloud product manager.

Thursday, September 12th

Students on Screens: Multitasking and Device Use Among Teens

Technology is quickly becoming popular for teenagers and students from all over. Learn how new technologies are impacting this community of teenagers and students in this infographic.


Online schools offer unique opportunities for students of all levels and backgrounds.

The world of online education continues to expand at an incredible pace. According to the Sloan Consortium, approximately 6.7 million U.S. college students had enrolled in one or more online courses in the fall of 2011, up by 570,000 students just one year prior. This upward growth has steadfastly continued from 10 years ago when just 1.6 million students had enrolled for at least one course online. As well, nearly 70 percent of higher-education leaders now say that online learning comprises a critical component of their long-range planning. This compares favorably to a decade ago when less than 50 percent of educators indicated online learning comprised a part of their long-term goals. features tools and resources that help both students and parents navigate the world of online education. Utilizing this site's information on distance learning and available programs, prospective e-students can research the pros and cons of online education and make informed decisions about their academic future. helps visitors explore online institutions by providing lists of high schools and colleges nationwide that offer virtual learning. Working to help you narrow in on options that fit your educational needs, includes state pages that feature regionally-relevant options for both high schools and colleges as well as dedicated directories for each grade, kindergarten through 12th.

In order to facilitate the search, offers "Report Cards" on a wide range of schools, allowing both students and parents to compare facts and features from prospective schools all in one place. Visitors can even submit questions to online education experts or peruse previously-administered advice through the "Ask" feature. For up-to-date information on virtual instruction and educational technology, students can check out the blog that addresses a number of online learning issues or the "In Focus" content section that highlights emerging developments in online schooling.

At any stage of academic development, there are multiple advantages to pursuing an online education. Because it has no geographic restrictions, online learning gives every student access to educational opportunities. Those located in rural areas, far from brick-and-mortar schools, can receive instruction from the comfort of their own home. Additionally, students with limited mobility, or those who travel frequently, can log on to classes over the Web from anywhere they're able. For students interested in both online and classroom learning, some schools offer hybrid, or blended, programs, which alternate between on-campus and virtual sessions.

Most online colleges allow students to access lectures and coursework anytime from any location offering an Internet connection. This flexible scheduling offers students with career or family obligations the opportunity to pursue degrees at night or on the weekends without taking time out of their busy day. Courses are typically delivered live or pre-recorded in audio or video formats, and, as with traditional classes, students must submit assignments and take exams based on predetermined deadlines. For the most part, students often learn at their own pace, completing projects and progressing through the curriculum independently, or sometimes in small groups.

At the K-12 level, online learning can provide challenges to students in need of accelerated learning, those who need to catch up on credits, or those who simply want to develop time management and attention skills. Some K-12 online programs even offer customized education plans for students by assessing their particular needs and tailoring instruction accordingly.

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