Make that money: 5 two-year jobs that pay better than four-years

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When it comes to choosing a degree, there seem to be two camps of people: those who choose to follow a passion, and those who choose to follow a paycheck. If you are in the former camp, you can probably stop reading this post right now. If, however, you would describe yourself as someone in seek of the almighty paycheck, then you will find the following information to be quite useful.

Last week, Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce released the results of a recent study they conducted in order to determine the college payoff. Before you start to grumble about yet another "is college worth it?" report, this one is different: it assumes that we already know that college is, in fact, worth it, and instead attempts to answer the question, "how much is it worth?"

The answer, as it turns out, depends not only on your degree, but on the job you pursue once you get that degree. While on average, the more education you have, the more you earn, there are some jobs in which people with less education can out-earn people with more education.

I bet you'd like to know what those jobs are. Well, I will tell you. Below is a list of the top five jobs for people with two-year degrees that pay more over a lifetime than $2.3 million, which represents the average lifetime earnings of four-year degree recipients:

  1. Computer and information systems managers: $3 million in average career earnings
  2. Marketing and sales managers: $2.5 million in average career earnings
  3. Computer programmers: $2.7 million in average career earnings
  4. Computer software engineers: $3 million in average career earnings
  5. Miscellaneous engineers, including nuclear engineers: $2.6 million

I don't know about you, but I'm suddenly feeling passionate about taking some computer classes. ;)

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