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  • Changing the face of education: 5 trends in technology

    Ed Tech Thumbnail

    Educational technology is changing the face of education from kindergarten through college. Find out what's on the horizon for 2013 and beyond.

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  • Q&A: How Technology Shapes Student Learning

    Adaptive Learning

    Changes in technology have revolutionized the world -- and the education technology industry is no different. This interview with McGraw-Hill Education director, Brian Belardi sheds light on how cloud-based adaptive solutions aid students and professors alike.

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  • Hybrid learning: How simple technology could change education

    Hybrid Education

    Hybrid learning--which combines traditional and online education--is more than a fad: it is a clear example of how technology could reshape education as we know it. This primer discusses the theory, the practice and the outcomes of blended learning in the truly modern classroom.

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  • 10 EdTech startups to get excited about

    Education Technology Startups for January 2013

    Education technology startups offer interactive communications and math mastery tools for learners, plus number-crunching programs for educators. Check out 10 innovators in the EdTech scene.

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  • Open-source digital textbooks

    Digital Textbooks

    As the cost of textbooks soars to over $1,100 per year for the average college student, edu-tech advocates are heralding a new era of digital textbooks. But of all digital educational technology, open-source textbooks offer the real cost savings potential to students -- and schools.

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  • The Broadband Bottleneck: Internet Access and Ed-Tech

    Internet Access for Education

    Sarah Stracco could be the poster child for online schooling, except for one important detail: She lacks broadband access. As educational technology skyrockets, both students and schools find themselves grappling with their bandwidth needs.

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  • Q&A: Customized Education from DreamBox Learning


    Thanks to educational technology products, like those from DreamBox Learning, students can learn at their own pace, with a curriculum that adapts to their needs. This interview with Patti Smith, the VP of marketing and product management at DreamBox Learning, explains how it works.

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  • Adaptive Learning: How it Works

    Adaptive Learning | OnlineSchools.com

    Personalized learning technology, also known as edtech, adapts to individual needs.

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  • 10 notable note-taking apps

    Great apps for taking notes on OnlineSchools.com

    Inventive note-taking apps aim to help students keep track of the mountains of information piling up. These 10 note-taking apps could help you make sense out of your schoolwork and keep you organized.

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  • 10 ultra-cool educational video games

    10 Cool Educational Video Games

    These 10 video games encourage school-age children to build math, science and language skills while helping them socialize with their peers or families.

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