14-year-old has 100 recipes for SAT success


You know when you’re studying and you crave a snack break? Maybe… brownies? How about some olive oil carrot cake? Well, thanks to Charis Freiman-Mendel, 14, you don’t have to choose between studying vocab and whipping up a tasty treat. The academically focused Charis, who’s also crazy about baking, has self-published a cookbook, Cook Your Way Through the SAT, that’s available on Amazon.com.

Each recipe is sprinkled with vocab words – there are 100 recipes, and 1,000 vocab words.  

Charis  actually came up with the cookbook two years ago – when she was 12 and studying for the SSAT, for entry to prep school. Her mom, Jennie Ann Freiman, helped with the writing, but not the cooking.

“Charis is like a cooking idiot savant,” Freiman told the Chronicle of Higher Education. “I can honestly tell you I had zero to do with any of the recipes.” She added Charis’ scores on the verbal section of the SSAT had jumped to the 97th percentile, more than a 10 percent increase, since completing the book.

Call me crazy, but I would have thought that a cookbook would be a good way to practice math skills: How many cups of flour does it take to make brownies for the football team? If you have a bake-off with your friend and she makes 24 cupcakes and you make a layer cake, who won?

Can you think of fun ways to turn your hobby into a study aid?