Ask an Online Grad School Professor

Grad school is a major investment. But online programs can reduce the time and financial commitments. Learn more: Ask our online learning specialist anything, or comb through our Q&A database.

Q&A: Financial Aid at Online Graduate Schools

Q: How does financial aid work with online grad schools? Do I have to pay up front, or can I finance my education? Obviously, this is a major concern.

Q&A: Technology at Online Graduate Schools

Q: What sort of technology do online grad schools offer? How progressive are these platforms? I heard that some of them are not the most technologically-savvy.

Q&A: Making Time to Get a Degree

Q: Okay, I assume you don't really want people asking specific questions about their specific situations... but I have two kids and 1.5 jobs, but I want to get an MBA so I can make even more money for my family. But how the h*ll am I going to make time?

Ask an Online Grad School Professor