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Q&A: Are Online Students Required to Participate in Class Discussions?

Question: I am curious about the requirements regarding participation in an online course. Will my child be required to participate in class discussions?

Q&A: What Is Independent Study?

Question: What is independent study and is it available to online students?

Q&A: Is Online School Easier Than Traditional Education?

Question: I've heard that online schooling is easier than traditional classroom learning, is that true?

Q&A: How Do Schools Decide the Size of an Online Class?

Question: How do schools decide the size of an online class?

Q&A: Do Online Students Have Homework?

Question: Will my child have homework when he attends school online?

Q&A: How Can I Help My Child Succeed in an Online School?

Question: What is my role while my child attends online school?

Q&A: How Do Students Communicate With Their Teacher in an Online Course?

Question: When you take an online class, how do you communicate with the teacher?

Q&A: Can Online Students Earn College Scholarships?

Question: Will I still have the opportunity to earn a college scholarship while attending an online high school?

Q&A: Do Online Teachers Accept Late Assignments?

Question: Do online instructors allow late assignments?

Q&A: Will My Child Be Taught Common Core If He Attends Online School?

Question: Will my child be taught the Common Core if he attends online school?

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