Ask an Online Teacher

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Q&A: What's new in online learning?

Question: Online classes aren't really new anymore. I've heard about people taking them for years. Is there anything new about online education?

Q&A: Online education: Group work is key

Question: I've noticed that a lot of online courses have group work? Why is group work such a large part of online education?

Q&A: Online Classes: Learning to balance your time

Question: What's the biggest difference between taking online classes and taking classes face to face?

Q&A: Communicating in an online classroom

Question: Is there anything I should know about communicating in an online classroom?

Q&A: Online Schools: Accomodating Learning Disabilities

Question: I have been worrying for awhile about how my son with a learning disability will be able to continue his education at the high school level. Do most online high schools make accommodations for students with a learning disability? How do they make these accommodations? Do you think it's possible for students with learning disabilities to succeed at an online school?

Q&A: Adult Online Learning: Tackling the Technology

Question: I'm thinking about taking online classes, but I'm an older student, and I'm just not as comfortable with the computer as my kids are. Will that be a problem?

Q&A: Online Classes: Planning for Success

Q: I'm pretty comfortable with a computer, and can find my way around online pretty easily, but I'm still not sure about taking online classes. What do I need to do to be successful in online classes?

Q&A: Connecting with Peers and Teachers in an Online Environment

Question: I'm a little concerned about taking online courses. How can I connect, personally, with my instructor and peers?

Q&A: The Benefits of Online High School

Question: What are some of the benefits of online high school? How do I know if online high school is going to be a "good fit" for a high school student?

Q&A: Explaining the Difference: Online Schooling v. Homeschooling

Question: When I am researching online high schools for my daughter, I often see that the schools offer online learning and a home-school program. I feel like these two would be the same thing. Are there differences between exclusive online learning programs and online learning that is part of a home-school plan? What are these differences?