Ask an Online Teacher

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Q&A: Free help in online education

Question: Is there anything about online education that new students might miss or find surprising?  

Q&A: Hybrid traditional and online high school programs

Question: Can my son do online and traditional high school courses at the same time?

Q&A: Counseling in online programs

Question: If I enroll in an online program, will I have access to an academic counselor?  

Q&A: Graduate School after online classes: What's the difference?

Q: I'm taking classes online and I'm thinking about going to graduate school. Is there anything different about going to graduate school after getting a degree online?

Q&A: Learning to get along online

Question: What if I'm having an issue with a classmate in my online course?

Q&A: Software for online classes

Question: Do I need special software to attend online classes?

Q&A: Offering online classes: Sometimes more is less

Question: Some schools offer a lot of online classes, but some don't offer very many at all. Others offer lots of sections of the same class. Why don't schools offer more classes online?

Q&A: Outside resources for online learning

Question: Are there any additional resources provided for online students, outside of the course book? If so, what types?

Q&A: What to look for in a good online teacher

Question: I've got a chance to choose between the same online class taught by three different teachers. What should I look for in a good online teacher?

Q&A: Making the grade: Understanding the marks you've been given

Question: What should I do if I don't understand why I've been given a grade or if I disagree with my assignment or participation grade?